How To Motivate Your Kitchen Staff

Tips for Motivating Kitchen StaffWhen it comes to customer service in a restaurant, your kitchen staff is just as important as the servers that directly interact with customers. Motivated kitchen staff are more likely to fill orders accurately and quickly. So, at your restaurant, how do you motivate your kitchen staff? Below are a few tips:

  1. Goals. Give your kitchen staff goals for how quickly or accurately they fill orders. Maybe you have an order fulfillment goal of 10 minutes. You can offer a prize to any kitchen staff who fills their orders faster than your 10 minute standard.
  2. Seniority bonus. When it comes to kitchen staff productivity and quality, longevity counts. A restaurant with a high turnover rate in the kitchen is more likely to have inconsistent meal quality, and that can harm your business. To reduce turnover, and motivate kitchen staff to stick with the job, offer bonuses to staff who stay longer than one year, two years, and so on.
  3. Recognition. Highlight outstanding individuals working as part of your kitchen staff. Just listing the outstanding staff member on a bulletin board seen by all employees can go a long way in motivating other kitchen staff members to do their best job.
  4. Free meals. Offer your kitchen staff free meals. Even if it’s only a few times a week, a free meal lets the employee know that you appreciate them, and that you’re willing to be generous.
  5. Time off. A happy kitchen staff is a productive kitchen staff, but that can’t happen if they’re overworked. Make sure you offer your kitchen staff some paid time off during the year.

Kitchen staff who are treated with respect and recognized for their work are more likely to do their best no matter how challenging the job. For more advice on operating a successful restaurant, feel free to reach out.