Create a Safe Environment in Your Restaurant

As a restaurant owner, maintaining safe working conditions for your employees is your responsibility. But you can’t do that without the right systems and processes in place. Below are a few tips on how to create a safe environment in your restaurant both for your workers and your customers:

Get Educated

As a restaurant owner, make it a priority to learn about the health and safety risks associated with your type of restaurant. For example, auto accidents are a greater risk for restaurants that have a delivery service than for those that don’t.

Create Written Policy

Operational safety procedures and rules should be incorporated into your employee handbook, and all employees should receive safety training as soon as they’re hired. You should also help keep safety procedures fresh in the minds of existing employees by incorporating them into your daily processes.

Multiple Training Materials

When training employees, make sure you approach the material in a way that will appeal to people with any of the three basic learning styles—visual, auditory, or tactile. Videos, pamphlets, and live demonstrations that involve hands on practice should help you reach all employees no matter their learning style.

Safety Meetings

Have regular safety meetings where your managers can review safety procedures and discuss any current safety issues. Safety meetings will reinforce the safety training employees received and help you address any safety problems before they become bigger issues.


As part of your quarterly evaluations, review your employees’ familiarity with the safety procedures. You should also consider rewarding managers who have the fewest accidents occurring on their shifts.

Incorporating the right safety training and procedures into your daily operations will help make your restaurant safer.